Elevator Lab Bootcamp is an educational program that addresses people or teams who have a start-up idea of ​​fintech that they want to transform into a business.

Created by Raiffeisen Bank Romania in partnership with TechHub Bucharest, the Bootcamp Elevator Lab consists of intensive training sessions in which participants will learn from experienced entrepreneurs how to build a startup from 0, how they can turn their idea into a minimal product Viable (MVP) and what are the resources they need to do that.


Who can subscribe to the Elevator Lab Bootcamp?

  • Applicants must have worked for at least 6 months in financial services, banks, insurance or capital markets and have a product idea that can be applied in the following categories: “retail banking”, “corporate banking”, “capital markets” or “other tech solutions for banks”.
  • It can be applied both individually and in team, in which case at least one team member must have prior experience in the industry.

In order to be accessible to as many participants as possible, even those who have a work program from 9:00 to 18:00, training and events will take place in the evenings and on the weekend.

All the ideas submitted in the Elevator Lab Bootcamp will go through a selection and the finalists will enter the two intensive training sessions from the 17th and 19th of May to the 7-9th of June.

Winners of the program will receive a 2-week training in Vienna, with all the costs included, at the Summer Innovation School.

During workshops and meetings, participants will develop relevant connections both in the local community and in the fintech regional industry and will learn more about:

➔ How to develop a startup from Oliver Auerbach (Co-Founder, GloriaFood), Daniel Nicolescu (Managing Partner & Co-Founder at SymphoPay) and Cristian Munteanu (Managing Partner at Early Game Ventures) from Mircea Capatina (SmartBill Co-Founder) ;
➔ The development stages of a startup and formation of a team at the beginning of the road, from Shane Freeman (Founder, okapihq.com);
➔ Validation of ideas and definition of user profile from Mircea Vădan (Managing Partner, Activize);
➔ Legal aspects to consider, from Tudor Stanciu, (Digital2Law Co-Founder and Independent Advocate);
➔ How to identify acquisition channels and win the first users and clients from George Dita (Founder WiseUp);
➔ Business development for startups from Mihai Anghel (GloriaFood Co-Founder);
➔ How to present the product and sell it to investors and potential clients from Ciprian Borodescu (Co-Founder, MorphL), Mircea Vadan (Managing Partner, Activize)

Elevator Lab Bootcamp will end on Wednesday, June 12, with Demo Night, an event in which finalists will present their ideas and how they have evolved, before a jury composed of: Vlad Stanilescu (Chief Digital Officer, Raiffeisen Bank Romania ), Eliza Gheorghe (Head of PI Segments, Raiffeisen Bank Romania), Mihai Lazar (Capital Markets Manager, Raiffeisen Bank Romania), Alin Neacsu (Corporate Banking Director, Raiffeisen Bank Romania), Ciprian Borodescu (Co-Founder, MorphL) Dragomir (Co-Founder, TechHub Bucharest) and Liviu Cadariu (Event Manager, TechHub Bucharest).

Winners of the program will receive a 2-week training in Vienna, with all the costs included, at the Summer Innovation School.

” Raiffeisen Bank is for the second year part of the global Elevator Lab program. Last year we organized a Local Elevator Lab Challenge that helped us discover the already mature companies in the fintech market in Romania. These are not in a very large number because the field is still at the beginning. We want to grow the fintech community, discover those people with ideas that have not had the chance, the resources or the right context to start working on developing a business. Through this year’s program, we want to bring together future entrepreneurs with already experienced business people. We hope that in a few years we will see at least one successful fintech started at Elevator Lab Bootcamp 2019. “says Vlad Stanilescu, Chief Digital Officer at Raiffeisen Bank Romania


Elevator Lab Bootcamp is taking place in Romania as part of the largest Fintech partnership program between Central and Eastern Europe, Elevator Lab, organized by Raiffeisen Bank International. In 2018, Raiffeisen Bank Romania, in partnership with TechHub Bucharest, organized the Elevator Lab Challenge, a local selection program for the global Elevator Lab program. 8 of the fines entered in the Challenge participated in a Demo Night from which ThinkOUT winners came out.

About Elevator Lab

Launched in June 2017, Elevator Lab is an acceleration program organized by the Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) group that offers potential participants access to 14 markets in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). In 2018, the RBI group focused on the fintech ecosystem in the CEE through the organization of the Local Challenge Elevator Lab.

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