Confirmation Savings – Compare Terms On Confirmation Account after Confirmation

ring this time, approx. 50,000 boys and girls confirmed. For many of them, it will be the first time they will have room for a greater amount of money. In fact, Danske Bank expects an average confirmation gets gifts for between 20,000 and 30,000, or total gift sum of between 1 and 1.5 billion. Danish kroner.

It is a lot of money, and that is also what the Danish banks have got their eyes on. They are almost categorized as giving the best deals on a confirmation account after the confirmation. The funds they use are partly high interest rates, money gifts, competitions and much more.

In fact, it may well be for the banks to chase the firm’s favor. For once you have chosen a bank, you need a lot to change. So, the graduates are first inside the heat they do not slip so easily again. As Spar Nord says:

[quote style = “boxed”] The confirmators who opened an account 20 years ago now buy house and car no. 2 [/ quote]

So it’s a really good business for the banks to get hold of the confirmations almost on blue Monday.

Where does the confirmation get the best rate?

Where does the confirmation get the best rate?

Once the confirmation is over and the money spoken up, it can be his case for the confirmation – and her parents – to find the bank that gives the best terms on a confirmation account. There is a big difference between what you get for your money.

Typically, a confirmation savings account is based on a higher interest rate the first year. There may also be other benefits attached, for example, there are some banks that give the confirmation a donation of money, which is deposited on the newly created savings account, while others provide movie tickets, gifts or perhaps a new iPod.

So it may be a good idea to look a little before you jump at first the best offer. Typically, the smaller banks are investing heavily in getting hold of the confirmatory. Below you can see some selected offers:

[toggle title_open = ”Close info” title_closed = ”See where you get the best interest” hide = ”yes” border = ”yes” style = ”default” excerpt_length = ”0 ″ read_more_text =” Read more ”read_less_text =” Read less “Include_excerpt_html =” no “]

  • Spar Nord: offers interest rate of 12% for the rest of 2012
  • Sparekassen Vendsyssel: 4.5% in interest and a money gift of 250, –
  • Salling Bank: 12.5% ​​for the rest of 2012
  • Nordea: No special confirmation offers
  • Danske Bank: No special confirmation offers
  • Jyske Bank: No special offers

[/ Toggle]

Remember that you might get better terms in a local bank – But then you need to be aware of:

  • Are there special terms on the interest rate? For example, does it apply only for a limited time? What about afterwards?
  • Is there a commitment period for the money? You should avoid that.
  • Some banks only offer the savings account to confirmors – Then you have been unfired, you need to be aware of it.

Take responsibility for the confirmation

Take responsibility for the confirmation

One of the great topics of conversation between the new-born confirmators and their parents is what the money should be spent on. The parents often have quite clear expectations of what the many gift money should go for – and especially what they should NOT be used for.

However, one must remember that it is actually now that the young man must learn what money really is worth. There is no doubt that it is clearly the best idea to save money for later. There is not much more than 4-5 years until you can expect the confirmation to move away from home. It is not exactly free to do, so it would be a good idea to have a bit of coffin bottom here.

Especially, it is dangerous if you have no money when the first big expenses come. Then there is the prospect of a dangerous trip down the road of indebtedness, and one will be able to avoid this if one fails to spend all the money from the confirmation on new PC or iPhones and clothes. However, it is the confirmation that ultimately decides on the money. But the parents have a clear responsibility for advising and guiding the best possible.

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